Wednesday, April 10


Munchen!What's not to love? 
Bier-gardens, Pretzels, Weisswurst with sweet musturd, Sauerkraut, Isar River, the Viktualien Market, Surfing, Traditional Costumes, the Bavarian Alps, Beautiful Camp Grounds, the Englisher Garten, Museums,Uban, Marienplatz, Oktoberfest, Breweries and Weissbier, Bayern Munchen, Milka Chocolate and the list can go on and on.
If you haven't been there, now it's the time to book your tickets.After May, the sun is shinning the the city seems to glow.If you like to camp the perfect location is Thalkirchen near the Isar river.You can surf,swim and if the water is too cold for you,you can enjoy a Cold Weiss in the Camping's Bier garden.
So people GO TO MUNICH.

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